Monday, August 15, 2011

Marsh Triples Trips

Marsh was offering two days of triple coupons last Friday and Saturday.  Different from the last time they surprised us with this was that it was only for coupons up to $.99.  Same as last time was a limit of two like coupons.

I made three different trips during the two days.  This is a couponers dream after all. 

I couldn't go first thing Friday morning when I got the email- I had a playdate planned that day for Sam and I didn't think it would be fair to drag all the kids to the grocery and pretend it was fun.  So I waited until Dan got home.

By the time I got there, several items I had really good coupons for ($.75 off one- that would triple to $2.25) were wiped out.  To be expected I suppose.  The difference this time was that they didn't seem to restock.  That is mainly the reason I went back a second and third time, hoping some of the gone items would be back on the shelves- no dice.

Regardless- it was still fun.  Not near as impressive as when they tripled the dollar coupons- but still a great savings.

First Trip-
70 Items               $156.03 before coupons               $61.78 after coupons

Second Trip-
27 Items               $52.65 before coupons                 $27.51 after coupons

Third Trip-
10 Items               $22.93 before coupons                 $7.93 after coupons

5 or 6 items were non coupon items that I just needed (eggs, onions, etc.).  These totals include items like lunch meat, frozen pizza items, 12 packs of diet pepsi, cereal bars, cake mixes and icings, canned goods, hand soap...........a good variety of items that I was glad to purchase at 60-70% off. 

I was so excited to see that Marsh was offering such a great coupon sale again.  I thought for sure that the last time would have been just that- the last time.  I can't wait to get another 'surprise' email from them announcing another huge coupon day.............but I'll be better prepared and get there right away I hope!

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