Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not this week I'm afraid

Some weeks it just isn't in the cards for me, and this is one of them.

There were several things I wanted to buy at Walgreens this week- smartrinse kids mouthwash would be free after reward, Keri Lotion is a $1 money maker after reward, Monkey Brains kids hair products are $1 money maker after reward.........but there is not a single product to be found I'm afraid.

Those crazy couponers wiped the shelves clean Sunday morning.  I call them 'those crazy couponers', even though I am one of them.  But I'm not a greedy wipe the shelf clean kind of couponer- that makes me kind of crazy mad.

That is how it is I suppose.  If there is a really good price on something (free is a pretty good price) I know I have to plan to go very early to be able to get it.  And I just didn't this week.

Besides- I have three back to school supply lists that are keeping me hopping, so that is the only real shopping I am focusing on this week.  I did find penny loose leaf paper at Office Max, plus there is a buy 2 sharpie packs get two free promo.  And there were $5 off any three sharpie pack coupons right on the display in the store!  Allyson needed a package of colored sharpies (who are these teachers asking for a $10 set of markers anyway?)  So here's how it worked for me, I bought 4 packs of 10 colored sharpies each- $40.  Two were free -$20.  Used the $5 coupon -$5, total spent was $15 for 4 packages.  I totally know that these will come in HUGE handy for crafting nights and such.  Plus- I used my $10 off a $20 purchase coupon that came in the mail (I had other stuff in my order as well) so I think I got a pretty sweet deal in the end.

I promise to post more again someday.  This week I just have pictures of nothing because I can't find any of it to buy.

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