Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Them shelves are empty again!

I stopped at Walgreens last night to pick up the things on my list:

Colgate sensitive toothpaste $4.99 with a $4 RR and I had a $1.50 coupon ($.50 money maker)
Glade scented candle refill things 2/$5 with a $1 RR (I couldn't find my coupons- ugh)
Kelloggs snacks 4/$10 with a $5 RR (with or without coupons- this is a good deal)

Every item was wiped clean- none left.  Not even a single solitary box of rice crispie treats.  Nothin'.

As I stood there in the toothpaste aisle making sure I didn't miss the Colgate, a woman walked up and started putting the little tiny travel sizes of Listerine in her basket.  One after the other.  Again and again.  More and more.  And then.........she banged on the dispenser to get the last 3 or 4 bottles to roll down.  They were on sale for $.99.  I'm sure she had the $1 off any listerine coupons with the nice long expiration dates.  She must have bought 17 bottles of the stuff.

That is the reason I am becoming discouraged.  Although I know that I need to head out first thing Sunday morning if I want to get the hot sale items at the drug stores...........and this just confirmed it.  The number of folks using coupons are growing..........and it's becoming more of a 'hunt' than a 'hobby'.

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