Saturday, August 13, 2011

My work 'cut' out for me

I've been slacking.  Summer has taken a toll on having the time to keep up with my coupons, and when you stack that with camping the last two weekends in a row.......I've ended up with a big mess of coupons and no time to do anything with them.

And then I woke up yesterday morning to an email.  A glorious email that I knew would mean I'd have to work on that stack, and my binder full of expired coupons.  Triple Coupon Day at Marsh- up to $.99 (Fri and Sat- I'll post about my shop later).

 So me, the trash can, and my trusty scissors sat down and got busy.  Two hours later I had all expired coupons out, all current circulars trimmed and filed and I was ready for action.  Two hours to sort and file over three weeks worth of coupons is not wasted time in my opinion.
And there she is, my trusty Wheezer loaded and ready. And to Marsh we went, kidless and nothing but time to peruse the aisles.........ahhhhh.

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