Friday, August 26, 2011

Meijer starting 8/25

Meijer is having a $1 item sale- and if you buy 10 items you get an 11th $1 item free.  The only problem is, properly counting, which I apparently can not do.  I've shopped this sale before and painstakingly selected 10 items, only to forget to pick an an 11th free one. 

The point here is- I'm not sure.  But I will share what $1 items I found to be a good deal:

$1 for a 5lb bag of potatoes- I don't care who you are, this is a good deal
$1 grands biscuits- used a $.30 off 2 cans coupon that doubled to $.60
$1 baby peeled carrots
$1 old elpaso taco shells (I didn't have any coupons- really??)
$1 aunt millies english muffins
$1 betty crocker brownie mixes- used $.75/2 coupon that 'doubled' to $1
$1 pizza rolls- used $.40/2 coupons that doubled to $.80

Other good deals?
Dove bars $3- used $1 coupons (yum!)
Betty Crocker cookie mixes $1.67- used $.40 that doubled to $.80
Philly cream cheese individual packs $1.49- used $.50 that doubled to $1
Eckrich hot dogs $.99 (no coupons)
Tropicana big orange juice $2.50- used $1 coupons

All in all, I  spent just over $40 after using $23.79 in coupons!  And then I managed to leave some of my bags there at the I get to go back today and get the rest of my groceries.  Luckily, they keep a log book for people like me and they will give me back the stuff I paid for and then left there.  Nothing is easy this week........nothing.

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