Friday, September 16, 2011

Christmas Shopping!

I have begun my Christmas shopping!  Actually, I started when I put away a few things in July, then a few more in August- but now I have officially ordered two more gifts- I am on my way!

Today- I found a cute cute cute deal on another blog I read at Zulily. It's one of those daily deal type shops with close out stuff.  Over the year I have joined several of these- mostly for the initial credit and then I never go back to buy their $300 purses or $800 dresses- because REALLY.  But this site seems to be for kids and mom stuff.  I've heard lots of buzz about them.  But today- I saw this:
Oh dear- dolly and me nightgown sets for $12.99!  This is RIGHT up Emily's alley.  Not only is she all about nightgowns instead of pants with tops- but she ADORES her stuffed animals.  This is going to be an exciting gift for her!

Not especially a super great deal- but a fair price considering it's kind of a novel item!

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