Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gimme some SUGAR!

Busy week- but want to share these three things!

Marsh sale starting today, Domino 4lb sugar is $1.99.  I had two different $.50 Domino sugar coupons, one was for 2lb bag up and expired in November and the other was for the 4lb bag and expired 9/30/11.  That makes for a $.99 bag of sugar!!!!  I was able to put a couple bags up in the old cabinet- I'm hoping to get to make carmel apples with the it will be christmas cookie baking time very soon!

Plus- go 'like' Energizer on facebook and you can print a $3 coupon off of 1 8pack of batteries.  I even 'liked' them for my husband too!  That is one heck of a great coupon!

Target:  Go to the target webpage and click on coupons and select the toys section.  Be sure to print you allotted TWO of the $5 off any Transformers Dark of the Moon toy $5.99 or greater coupon.  These are GREAT coupons to use to pick up some of the $7.99 figures or the $11.89 figures that are on sale for $9.99 this week!  I put a couple in my christmas cabinet, I happen to have a couple little boys on my shopping list that just might LOVE these!

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