Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy deal on M&M's

Remember a few weeks ago when Walgreens had a sale that when you bought 4 medium size bags of M&M's you received a $5 register reward?  Apparently it was ongoing- and is still going now.  The benefit?  No signs, no ads in the paper- so there are actually M&M's to be found!!!!

I'm not sure why- or for how long- but I stopped and bought 4 bags yesterday just to confirm and it worked perfectly.  I came home and dug out the $1 off 1 pretzel M&M coupon from a few weeks ago- that is gonna make for a SWEET deal!  4 bags of pretzel M&M's on sale $2.50 each.  Use 4 $1 coupons.  Pay $6.  Receive a $5 register reward.  That makes each bag a QUARTER!

I personally love to pick up cheap deals on candy so that I can throw them into care packages when we mail them!!!  Who doesn't love getting chocolate?  Plus this will be great for some upcoming church and school parties!

Also- there is a coupon here for $1.50 off 2 M&M products.  It's at the Walmart website- but is a manufacturer coupon.  Also- its in an ad for candy corn M&M's, but prints as any (although I would like to try the candy corn ones!)  REMEMBER, when you print it once and it prints, hit your back button a few times on your browser- you will be able to print it twice.

Here's how your deal will work with this coupon:

4 bags of M&M's $10
2 $1.50 manu q's -$3
Pay $7
Receive a $5 register reward

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